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Mini-Interior Detailing

We are Arizona's number one choice in automotive detailing, restyling and aftermarket protection. Our 5-star rating across the board is backed by our our strong commitment to service, quality and honesty.

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Mini-Interior Car Cleaning Services

Easy Car Interior Rejuvination

Mini-Interior Detailing is our entry-level service that’ll get your interior in a much better condition without spending too much time or money.

Here’s what you get:

Thorough vacuuming of the entire interior (carpet, mats, seats, etc…)
Wipe down light dust and debris on all surfaces
UV protection on plastic surfaces
Streak-free interior glass and windows

There’s no deep cleaning with this service. If your vehicle has a heavy amount of pet hair, stains, and spills you’d like addressed, then our Full Interior Cleaning service would be a better option for you.

This is more of a maintenance upkeep service. So if it’s been several weeks or so since you’ve last cleaned your interior and the condition has gotten a little out of hand, then we can get it back to its former glory.

Depending on the size and condition, this service usually takes under an hour to complete.

Mini-Interior Detailing
Even though this is a maintenance type cleaning, we’re still happy and able to address any specific concerns you may have at an additional cost. Just ask what you need!
Yes, we’re a 100% self-contained mobile unit. All we need is access to your vehicle and we can get the job done at your home or work location.
We carry our own water and power onboard to get the job done. However, if we’re at your home location, it is sometimes easier (and quieter) to use your power outlets.
Unfortunately, when it comes to removing an odor, it’s a much different process than just cleaning a stain off a seat. This could possibly require a more extensive cleaning process which would require your vehicle to be dropped off at our shop located 5 mins away from Sky Harbor.
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