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Professional Paint Protection Film Installation Phoenix, AZ

Protect your vehicle's paint job from damage and wear with our professional paint protection film installation service. Our team has the skills and experience to ensure a perfect application that will keep your car looking brand new.

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What is Clear Bra?

Providing the most robust form of long-term protection you can add to your vehicle – new or used. Our film has a thickness of 8mils, approximately one and a half times the thickness of your factory paint system. This flexible and durable polyurethane film has been specifically engineered to be the outermost layer of your vehicle. Defending against rock chips to preserve factory finish.

How Car Clear Bra Installation works?

Paint protection film, also commonly referred to as ppf, is a transparent protective film that can be applied to a car. It comes in several different finishes, the most common two being gloss or satin. Gloss paint protection film provides a clear finish, which if installed correctly, you will not be able to tell it’s there with the exception of any seams or possibly the edges. Satin paint protection film, referred to as “stealth” in the industry, provides the covered surface with a clean looking satin finish. There are a few other different kinds of paint protection film, such as STek, Dyno Black ppf. The Dyno Black makes the applied surface black, and gives it that deep glossy finish, a great alternative to using black vinyl.

How do you know if Clear Bra aka paint protection film is right for you?

Paint protection film is an ideal solution for anyone out there that is concerned with the aesthetics of your car. If you pride yourself in how great your car looks and you always find yourself inspecting your car after leaving it alone in a busy parking lot, ppf is perfect for you. It will protect your car from things that would normally damage it, saving you a trip to the body shop. It will definitely keep your car looking better for longer, and will keep the swirls away.


Different Types of Clear Bra

Our shop offers two different types of film, with the first being STEK DYNOmatt introducing the best satin/matte paint protection film in the market due to its exceptional texture, great adhesive, and hydrophobic topcoat which prevents discoloration. STEK DYNOmatt comes with a 7 year manufacturer warranty. For clear film we use SunTek Ultra being the best paint protection film in the market due to its exceptional clarity, and unmatched stain resistance due to their proprietary hydrophobic topcoat. SunTek Ultra comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.


Paint Protection Film Installation

After applying your PPF, there will likely be some bubbles that appear in the first few weeks. This is why we always recommend coming to our shop two weeks after pick-up for a PPF check so you can keep everything looking perfect! If any edges lift or pop up on their own, please refrain from touching these.
Washing your car is the best way to keep it looking newer and performing better. We recommend wiping down or washing every 1-2 weeks to keep your vehicle beautiful. Avoid pressure sprayers, especially around the edges of the film. Pressure sprayers can cause lifting in some cases. If you notice any sap, insects, or environmental stains, wipe them off as soon as possible.

If you properly wash and dry your vehicle, the results will stay for a much longer than compared to if you use a dirty towel and water to wash your vehicle.
Your car will look pristine when it leaves our shop in Phoenix, but we know it will be tempting to wash it up after the drive home. So please wait a minimum of one week to wash your car after installation.
Sometimes damage happens. Light scratches will heal on their own in about 20-30 minutes at room temperature. If you have more severe damage, give us a call, or bring the car into our shop, and we’ll check it out.
Waxing or sealing your PPF is an excellent way to keep it looking fresh for 3-4 months! We recommend a ceramic coating considering the harsh heat, and hard water in Arizona. This will give you two years of protection against chemical resistance, water behavior, and the sun.
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